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Cross-stitch Does Not Have to be Expensive... But Don't Skimp!

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Cross stitch is one of the easiest forms of thread art to learn and it does not have to be expensive. Typically you can get started stitching for as little as $20 to $40. You can easily find a cross stitch starter kit at your local craft store, or you can purchase from an online seller. Cross stitch kits typically include almost everything you need to get you started. Most kits include instructions, cloth/fabric, thread, needles and a pattern. The only thing missing (in most kits) are scissors and a tension hoop or embroidery hoop.

But, what if I found a pattern that does not come in a kit? How much does cross stitch cost if I buy everything separately? Well, that just depends. :-) Haha, no really. It does depend on a lot of factors. Like any hobby, there are the basic items you need and then there are all the extras. So let's dig into what you really need to cross stitch on a dime.

All you really need are these basic tools to get started with cross stitch:

How many extras you choose are completely up to you. You could buy...

So... that's basically it. Remember, you really don't need all the extras. If you're trying to keep your budget small, just start with the necessary list, then expand your supplies as you can.

Cross stitching can be really fun and really cheap.... or it can be really fun and really expensive. Just depends on what you like.

Lastly, let needle art bring you joy and relaxation. If you're frustrated, first take a breath and try to release the tension in your hands and shoulders. Next, send me a message... I'm always here to help! Last, I encourage you to find a stitching friend. Find an online buddy or someone in your community... it makes it so much fun to have someone to craft with.

Until next time, happy stitching.

- Amanda

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**This blog post contains contextual affiliate links. This means that when you click and make a purchase via a link I have provided, I make a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Throughout this post have included links to items that I personally use and LOVE. I have only included products that I purchase time and time again. Much of my equipment has lived through many years of use and are of awesome quality.

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