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Is Cross Stitch Still Popular?

Well, a matter of fact IT IS! Cross stitch is booming right now. A quick Google search reveals about 308,000,000 results in approximately 0.93 seconds. Wow! That's a lot of cross stitch!!

It is true that depending on where you live, you may see a difference in it's popularity. Cross stitch is very popular in European countries and it seems like you can find cross stitch kits and supplies EVERYwhere in Asian countries. It seems that cross stitch isn't as popular in North America, but that's not true.

Cross stitch is an ancient craft that is passed down through the generations. Many mothers or grandmothers have taught their children and grandchildren how to cross stitch. Right now, the youth are re-discovering cross stitch and taking it to the next level. I've seen cross stitch tattoos, cross stitch inspired wall murals and cake decorating, cross stitched furniture and shoes. The list goes on. This is a very exciting time in the cross stitch world.

The internet has ABSOLUTELY CHANGED the way we get new cross stitch patterns. Digital patterns are now available worldwide and easily downloaded onto any device. WORLDWIDE! This makes the resource pool for new patterns and ideas ginormous!!

And lastly, in a time when life seems to be as stressful as ever, many people are finding the relaxing benefits of cross stitch and incorporating it into their weekly routines. Cross stitch is a great way to de-stress and people are seeing the benefits. Cross stitch gives your hands something constructive and creative to do while you're mind has time to think through your problems, allowing time to think and process feelings. This usually results in calmer nerves.

So, quit worrying about where it's 'cool' to cross stitch and just get to it! Use your creativity and put your needle to work. You never know what you might dream up.

Happy stitching.


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