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Tutorial: Loop Method for Cross Stitch

Using the loop method to secure my thread to start cross stitching has changed things for me! To summarize, the loop method saves me time, I'm not flipping between the front and back of my project AND I have a cleaner looking back to my projects. Those are 3 benefits that I now cannot live without and I don't think you should have to either! See my 7 simple steps below to learn how to master this technique...

Step 1

Cut your thread twice as long as you normally would and separate just ONE (1) strand of floss. Take your floss and fold it in half. You should now have a double strand with a loop on one end. Thread your needle with the side of thread with 2 loose ends.

Step 2

From the front of your fabric, put your needle through to the back. For me, I start by putting my needle in the lower left corner of my cross stitch. Make sure you don't pull the loop through the fabric!

(See photo on step 3)

Step 3

Bring your needle back up through the back. For me, this would be the upper right corner of my cross stitch. You should now have your loop and your needle on the front of your fabric. For me, my loop is on the bottom left corner of my stitch, my needle is coming up through the top right of my stitch....


Step 4

Ready? Here comes the exciting part... put your needle THROUGH THE LOOP!

(see photo at step 5)

Step 5

Now, go ahead and pull your stitch tight.

Step 6

Put your needle through to the back using either of the holes you used in step 2 and step 3.

This will make a complete half-stitch.

Step 7

Finish your cross stitch "X."

TA-DA! And you just completed your first cross stitch start by using the loop method. Now you can finish stitching as you usually would.

I find this stitch to be fun, quick and easy after some practice. I recommend that you practice starting your threads this way and you will soon be a master loop starter too.

Bonus: This method makes confetti stitching or scattered single stitches so much easier too... or those times you accidentally missed one stitch and you have to go back and fill in. It happens to all of us. ;-)

I hope you found this tutorial helpful.

Happy Stitching!


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