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Shutting Out The Noise

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

I’ve been silent from social media for quite a few months for big personal changes… and they aren’t over yet.

For almost a year my husband and I have brushed off a nudge. A little voice that kept popping up at unexpected times, whispering to both of us. Together and separately. A thought that would come and go and come again.

“No, that’s silly.” I’d tell myself. “What are you thinking? You’ve worked so hard for this.”

That little voice inside my head and heart was telling us it was time to move. Time to sell the most beautiful home of our dreams, literally. We dreamed up this vision, created it on paper and built it only 4 years ago. We found the perfect neighborhood with a little elbow room and 1 acre lots. A life we thought we wanted to live until our kids were out of high school. The home our children would always remember. It has over sized rooms, tons of built ins, closets, a huge pantry and laundry room. Any woman’s dream. But dreams change…

Overtime we started to feel weighed down. You’ve all heard it before in some way or another, I’m sure.

· The bigger the house; the more to clean.

· The bigger the house; the more stuff to buy (furniture/decor/etc).

· The bigger the house; the more to maintain.

· The bigger the house…. Fill in the blank.

Well, all those things are true AND with a little help from Marie Kondo and Joshua Becker we were really feeling the weight of all of the things. The size of our house and all the stuff just wasn’t serving us the way we needed anymore. We yearn for more quality time with our children and with each other. We yearn for less of everything else.

And with that.. we bit the bullet; we took the big leap; we pulled the trigger; we did a big thing!

Do what makes you happy.

Live in a way that makes you happy.

Be with the people who make you happy.

SOLD!! Holy moly, that was FAST!

So, I’ve labeled this year #ParksAdventure2019. Currently we are renting a space that is less than half the size we have been accustomed to and we are waiting for Dream 2.0 to present itself. Until then, we are working on doing life our way. We are in it for each other and ready to make some big changes. Life is too short to not live exactly the way you want.

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear. So go for it!

**This blog post contains contextual affiliate links. This means that when you click and make a purchase via a link I have provided, I make a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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