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Therapeutic Benefits of Cross-stitch

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Over the years I've bonded with (mostly) women about why they cross-stitch and how they got started. For many, the craft has been learned and passed down from generation to generation. But for others, they cross-stitch for the health benefits.

Cross-stitching has health benefits, you ask? Why yes! Let's break it down...

We live in a busy world, right? Long work hours, traffic, home chores, kid activities, technology and social media! There is never enough time for everything... (at least not in my world). Life can be so hectic. Cross-stitching is a great activity to help us separate from all this stress and find calm and focus. The repetitive motions of pulling the thread back and forth through fabric has a very calming affect. This rhythmic activity actually allows our body to rest while distracting our minds away from our stress. Cross-stitch provides focus on the present moment while calming and allowing you to process your feelings, thoughts and sensations. Cross-stitch is often compared to meditation, which is well known for its calming effects and escape from the stresses of daily life.

You see, even though you are distracted and the repetition motion and sounds of each stitch relaxes you, the mind stays focused on the task to avoid missing a stitch. Concentrating on each individual stitch allows you to remove the tension in your body while keeping your mind active and at peace. Cross-stitch has even been shown to improve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Cross-stitching is a beautiful art which can be done alone or with a community. Need some time to yourself to think? Or are you looking for a community to bond over a common thread (ha, see what I did there?) Cross-stitch can bring you both of these things!

When life throws a hard ball at you, sometimes taking a few minutes away to cross-stitch is all you need to process your feelings.

Happy stitching.


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