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TOP 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cross-Stitching

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

When I was new to stitching I was taught all the "do's" of cross-stitch, but no one ever told me the "don'ts." I feel like the don'ts are almost MORE important than the do's, in some cases.

So here are my TOP 5 MISTAKES TO AVOID when cross-stitching:

1. Not washing your hands

There is nothing worse than finishing a project, giving it a little wash and realizing you have dirty hand stains that just won't come off. So, give your hands a good wash AND a good dry before you pick up your next project. You'll thank me later.

2. Stitching too fast

Sit down, slow down and stay awhile. Being in a hurry to finish your project only increases your chances of making a mistake. No one likes having to rip-out hours worth of work, just to redo it. That doesn't save anyone any time and only steals joy and adds to frustrations while you're stitching.

3. Poor lighting

Straining to see your fabric or pattern? Turn on some light. Seriously. I like to clip this light on a side table where I'm stitching. (Bonus: it has a magnifying feature which is super helpful sometimes.) I especially love that it's portable and I can take it anywhere. By being able to see your project and pattern clearly, you will find more enjoyment and relaxation... and probably some speed... in stitching.

4. Using whatever scissors you can find

Let me just stop you right here. If you don't have designated scissors already, please, please, please... for the love of all things stitchy... go find yourself some!! I have a pair of scissors used ONLY for my threads and a pair of scissors used ONLY for my fabrics. Any small crafting or sewing scissor that is sharp and pointy is perfect for cutting your threads and getting under stitches (if needed). I love a pair that will slide right into my stitching bag... like this one.

And I LOVE, LOVE these scissors for my fabrics. I don't use anything else. Just these!

5. Forgetting to detangle and untwist your needle

My last tip will save you so much frustration, keep you from getting knots, help keep your tension consistent and more! When stitching, if you'll occasionally let your needle dangle to naturally unwind (like we once did for old telephone cords... if you're old enough to know what I'm talking about) you'll notice your threads going through your fabric smoothly with less knots and tangles.

So there you have it. My TOP 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Cross-Stitching. I hope one of these tricks helps you enjoy cross-stitch or embroidery even more! Leave me a comment with any other tips you've learned along the way.

Happy stitching.


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